Will Generative AI replace Artists?


Ever since the emergence of AI, there has been a fear that it will replace humans. Right from a cobbler to Software Engineers, no one is immune to this fear. And this fear is uplifted by the rapid pace of developments in AI, especially Generative AI. Almost everyone is enamoured by ChatGPT and GPT models on the language models front. Similarly, DALL-E and Stable Diffusion have made strides in text-to-image tasks.

Thus, the fear is not unfounded. But, as the ancient wisdom says, fear arises due to lack of knowledge and understanding. We addressed the fear experienced by Software professionals in this article: Is Artificial Intelligence a threat to Software Engineers? Software Engineers/professionals who practice critical/analytical thinking, are creative and posses complex problem skills will survive in the long run.

How will Generative AI affect artists?

Having said that, with advances in Generative AI, even creative professionals like writers and artists are feeling threatened. How real is the threat?

Going back to first principles, AI is not conscious. Humans are. Hence, the why and what to create something lies with people. Now, coming to the ‘how’, that’s where generative AI will augment them and not replace/displace them. Let’s take a look at this piece of art:

This piece of art is generated by MidJourney, an AI platform for text-to-image tasks. It is based on my description of Shakuntala in Aryaa – An Anthology of Vedic women. This is how I have described Shakuntala:

Fair complexion, diamond-shaped face, sharp nose, jawline, and dark deer-like eyes

While this piece is somewhat close to my description, such tools will act as a feedback mechanism, thus helping writers enhance their settings and descriptions.

Generative AI will help painters too. It will act like a quick prototyping tool for them. It will help them seek client feedback rapidly.

So, what’s the blessed answer? Similar to Software Engineering, here too, AI will help artists become more efficient. As a twitter statement goes, AI will not replace you, the person using it will.


Anyway. If you would like to buy Aryaa- An Anthology of Vedic women, here are the links:


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