My Data Science Journey


Since this is my 100th post on this blog, let me run you through my data science journey.

I started my career as a T24 developer. Now, most of you won’t even know what T24 is. It was formerly known as Temenos T24, a leader in Core Banking Software. With all due respect to the platform, it never caught my interest. Hence, I started learning Data Analytics side-by-side. I finished a course on Introduction to Data Analytics from IIT Madras via NPTEL. Later, I moved on to the famous Machine Learning Course by Andrew Ng.

This brought a turning point in my life. My attempt at self-learning impressed an Architect and he absorbed me into the BI team as an ETL developer. The bread and butter was the SSIS, the ETL tool in the Microsoft BI stack. It was an exciting project to move an on-premises datamart to Azure SQL Datawarehouse (Now Azure Synapse SQL Pool).

However, stagnation hit me, since it was the same routine tasks. Hence, to get a change, I had a short rendezvous with visualization through Power BI.

But, things got exciting when I started working as a Consultant in a big organization. Due to the nature of the role, I was exposed to a variety of technologies starting from SQL to Data Engineering to Machine Learning. This helped me see the bigger picture. I was fascinated by Data Engineering.

Hence, my next transition was into a Data Engineering role. I was using technologies like Spark, Azure Data Factory etc. It was exciting and interesting for a year. Yet again, I turned back to Machine Learning, this time with a resolve to transition into a Data Science role. With consistent efforts, innovation and evangelization, our team took a leap into Data Science, Machine Learning, and MLOps. And here I am, writing about a variety of topics starting from SQL to SQL to Data Engineering to Machine Learning.


This is my data science journey and in no way meant to be a handbook or a roadmap of sorts. Every journey is unique and it should be blazed by an individual. Lastly, do check out the articles on our blog and reach out to me if you have any questions. Would be happy to help.

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I am a Data Scientist with 6+ years of experience.

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